About Me

Juan D. Yepes

ME Electrical Engineering
MBA - Global Business
Amateur Researcher

My Dream

To be involved on exciting projects that expand the boundaries of human knowledge and our technological capabilities in the fields of AI, Computer Vision, Autonomous Flying Vehicles (Drones) and Digital Fabrication.

I want to give my share to science and be part of a team that invent something meaningful and big that benefit society. I also want to be an entrepreneur, or inventor, or just expend enough time in my passions.

Most importantly my dream has always been to provide a bright future for my kids, be a proud member of my community, be happy and enjoy simple things of life with my family.


Telecommunications Engineer, Master in Electrical Engineering (MEE), Master in Business Administration (MBA), with extensive experience in telecommunications technology areas, like the design, planning, operation and maintenance of telecommunication networks: Frame Relay, ATM/TDM, Fiber Optic, Ethernet and IP/MPLS.

I have conducted personal research activities and simulation of autonomous quadcopters on game engines platforms like Unity and animations on SketchUp. I have programming skills in .NET, Visual Basic, C#, C++, Ruby, and Embedded Systems based on the Arduino platform.

I have experience in management and negotiation with telecommunications providers as well as the coordination, supervision and management of high performance teams, engineers specialists of the highest technical level.

For the last 18 years I have built a career as a Senior Manager in a Global Telecommunications company . I have held many positions all of them on the operations side, as a System Support Engineer, Outsourcing project engineer, Transmission and Switching Technology coordinator, Technology Manager, Access Network Operations Manager, Metro Networks Manager, and now as Outside Fiber Plant Senior Manager on Network Planning and Implementation for the LatAm region.

In other fronts, I have teaching experience with several specialization courses on Next Generation Networks in various universities in Colombia and I have recently completed an industry hands-on course on Embedded Systems as the main trainer. I am a product development advisor and the president of the board of directors on two family own business on real estate and industrial furnaces equipment companies.

I am a father of 3 beautiful kids, and have been happily married for 24 years.